Fat Loss Myths Uncovered

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

There are so many myths around weight loss that it can be pretty tricky deciphering fact from fiction. And basing your eating plans on myths like “eating at night leads to weight gain” can cause you to give up your weight loss efforts altogether.

When you start out on your weight loss journey, separate facts from the myths so that you can enjoy the best chance at weight loss success.

Myth 1: Eating At Night Causes You to Put on Weight

This is probably one of the most common myths. But the truth is that eating at night doesn’t cause the pounds to pile on so long as you’re eating the right amount of calories geared towards your weight loss. For example, if you keep your calories to about 1 400 a day you can pretty much eat those calories any time of the day you prefer and still drop excess weight. The source of the myth likely comes from people eating the wrong foods at night like chips while watching TV or a high calorie after-dinner dessert.

Myth 2: Healthy Foods Will Make You Lose Weight Habitually

While healthy foods are good for you, you can’t limit your diet to such food groups and expect to automatically lose weight. While foods like fruits and veg do have less calories than junk counterparts, you still need to control your caloric intake.

Myth 3: Stop Eating Out if You Want to Drop a Dress Size

While many a restaurant menu may not be diet-friendly, it’s a myth that you have to stop eating out altogether to lose weight. Simply make better decisions based on your calorie count and nutritional requirements to avoid eating too much.

Myth 4: Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Of course regular physical activity benefits your health, but you actually don’t have to exercise excessively to shed weight. Studies have found that the most important element to weight loss is controlling your caloric intake. Exercise on its own isn’t guaranteed to help you lose weight if your calories are above your recommended daily levels.

Myth 5: Avoid All Carbohydrates At All Costs

Carbs have always had a bad rap, but particularly so in today’s dieting climate. However, not all carbohydrates are bad. It’s likely that this myth started back in the 1960s with the low-carb diet by Dr. Stillman. What you should be doing is avoiding empty calories found in low quality carbs like white bread, pastries and chips. Rather grab high quality carbs that are going to help you fill up quicker and keep your energy levels up such as whole grains, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. They’ll give your body the necessary nutrients while still being able to lose weight.

Myth 6: Eat Packaged Diet Foods If You Want Speedy Results

How often have you spotted pre-packaged foods in the grocery store labelled as “weight loss product” or “diet” meal? More often than not these meals are loaded full of refined sugars, preservatives, sodium and all sorts of other artificial ingredients that the body struggles to process.

Instead of pre-packaged diet foods, stick to nutritious whole foods and prepare your own home cooked meals. If you’re pressed for time you can prepare your meals in advance and stick them in the freezer so that it’s a matter of grabbing the dish and heating it up when you’re ready.

Weight loss myths can lead to you stumbling or altogether quitting your diet plan. Rather carefully analyse each myth that you come across and make sure you are not falling prey to so-called rumours that can derail your hard weight loss work. You should always be suspect of myths that report that you need to take certain supplements or other dieting aids to drop a few pounds as you can easily (and really should) lose weight without having to rely on unproven or unsafe supplements.

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