Goggles – Different Types Pros & Cons: Pool, Ocean & Lake Swimming

Monday, August 01, 2016

A good pair of goggles is very important for swimmers who compete in pool races, triathlons or open water swimming.  Apart from giving you clear unimpeded vision, you need to protect your eyes from chlorine, salt and micro-organisms found in open water.

First of all, you need a pair that fits well to the shape of your face before you adjust the strap, because if it doesn’t you won’t get a water-tight seal after.  When buying, look out for these important features:

  • Silicone components for light weight esp. if you wear them for long periods
  • Hypo-allergenic silicone that won’t irritate your skin
  • Excellent water-proof seal to protect your eyes esp. open-air swimmers
  • UV protection for ocean/open-air swimmers
  • High quality carbonate lenses for clear vision when competing
  • Full, wide range of vision esp. for ocean and lake swimmers
  • Fog-resistant lenses

Barracuda Standard Goggles

These are popular because they don’t cause skin irritation when worn for a long period of time.  The seal around the eyes is made of comfortable foam material that moulds to different face-shapes for a watertight seal.

In addition, Barracuda goggles give UV eye protection for ocean swimming and adjustable head straps and nose -bridge.  These goggles give you a full range of vision, with high quality fog-resistant lenses. 

Finis Jet stream Goggles

These goggles also give a wide range of vision through the curved lenses made of durable polycarbonate.  The goggles have a lightweight silicone skirt and strap and are suitable for pools, triathlons and swimming pools. 

An effective seal around the eyes ensures your eyes are protected from chlorine, sea-water and the algae and bacteria in lakes.

Hammacher Schlemmer

These goggles give outstanding performance and are among the best you can buy.  They have anti-fog lenses that also protect against UV rays and glare off the water. 

The seal is water-tight with hypo-allergenic gaskets for sensitive skins and some extra features for an excellent fit.  For example, H.S. goggles have a selection of three different nose-pieces designed to sit comfortably around any type of nose.

In the shop, try different styles to find the best fit for your facial contours – before you check out the other features.  You may think you’re a handsome dog, but those high cheek-bones or aquiline nose can play havoc with the gaskets!

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