The Right Type of Swimming Costume – Swimwear, Wetsuits & Tri-Suits

Monday, September 19, 2016

Knee-length swimming suits are suitable for both competitive and recreational swimmers.  But if you’re a competitor, choose a costume designed for speed that’s officially approved.  Competitive swimmers also need high tech swimwear fabric that reduces drag, for example, Aquablade or Streamline.

Race-wear has other special design features such as wide straps to keep the suit in place and a better fit for muscular bodies. Swimming costumes with legs offer more coverage than a traditional one-piece swimsuit and are equally popular for swimming, water sports and water-aerobics. 

Men’s swimming costumes

These are also less revealing than they used to be and now give a more streamlined outline in the water.  Most competitive swimmers choose close-fitting thigh length trunks or a costume that ends just above the knee.  They’re more comfortable than the old-style swimwear and are often worn as bike shorts too, if you don’t mind the lack of padding in the bum.

So for men’s and women’s swim gear,  bulging flesh and unreliable bra straps are out and sensible styles that allow  a full range of movement - without you getting charged for flashing  - are in!  Look for a good chlorine-resistant fabric and special design features to suit your requirements.

Triathlon swimwear

You need a closely fitting swim suit/tri-suit that won’t produce drag, but not so tight that it limits your limb and shoulder movements or cuts off your circulation.   Women who need extra support can wear a sports bra under their suit.

A triathlon wetsuit is thick neoprene material designed to keep you warm, although it also helps with buoyancy and streamlining.  Some triathlons allow triathlon wetsuits and some do not.  A tri-suit is a different garment made from thin, synthetic fabric which is much lighter and less heat-retaining than a full wetsuit.

Whenever possible opt for a wetsuit; you can choose from different leg lengths depending on the temperature of the water you’re going to swim in.  If wetsuits aren’t allowed, your next best option is a one-piece tri-suit, because it’s more comfortable with no chafing around the waist.

Now that people of all ages and shapes are more active in sports and exercise, the swimwear industry has widened the choice of styles.  Finding the right type of swimming costume for your needs is easy and there’s a perfect swimming costume out there for everyone!

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